Member Benefit: AHCA's Long-Term Care Trend Tracker

LTC Trend Tracker  is a web-based tool that enables long-term and post-acute care providers to access key information that can help their organization succeed. This is an exclusive benefit for RIHCA members through their AHCA/NCAL membership.  LTC Trend Tracker allows skilled nursing organizations, assisted living residences and personal care homes to benchmark personal metrics to those of their peers and examine ongoing quality improvement efforts. LTC Trend Tracker is members’ one-stop-shop to gain timely information and valuable insight about their own performance as well as the entire profession’s.

With just a few clicks of a button, LTC Trend Tracker gives you access to government data collected by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on skilled nursing centers – providing you with one central hub for all your reporting needs. For assisted living members, LTC Trend Tracker allows you to upload and track key quality metrics. Use the Dashboard to quickly see how you are trending on key metrics compared to your peers. Quickly download reports to share and engage staff members as well as area providers to build partnerships.

Take Advantage of Your RIHCA Membership: More than 8,000 skilled nursing centers, assisted living residences and personal care homes have signed up to use LTC Trend Tracker – at no additional cost. You must be an AHCA/NCAL member (included with your PHCA membership) to access this valuable resource. Click here to learn more about LTC Trend Tracker

Features: LTC Trend Tracker allows you to generate as many reports as you wish. Perhaps you are working on the goals of the Quality Initiative or wanting to demonstrate the value your center provides to external parties. You can generate reports with a variety of data to see how your center measures up and how you compare with other centers in your state. Those reports can then be used to collaborate with your staff and in your marketing outreach, among other ways. Click here to learn more about the features.

Enhance Your Organization's Commitment to Quality: Improving quality care is a journey, and LTC Trend Tracker is the tool you need to ensure your organization stays on track. Monitor your progress on quality measures, Five-Star, AHCA/NCAL Quality Initiative goals, hospital readmission rates and more. Identify areas your organization should address in order to improve and set your own performance targets. Demonstrate your dedication to quality to your patients and residents with verifiable results.

Gain a Competitive Advantage: Monitoring only your own performance isn’t enough to stay relevant in today’s long term and post-acute care market. LTC Trend Tracker provides information on fellow providers from a local, regional and national perspective, so you can see how you measure up (individual organization’s information stays private; LTC Trend Tracker only reports in the aggregate). Benchmark yourself to those of your peers and keep your organization ahead of the curve.

Resource Center: The Resource Center offers information on a variety of topics for LTC Trend Tracker users including information on Account Administration, Assisted Living/Personal Care, LTC Trend Tracker Measures, Uploading Data and Using the System. Click here to access the Resource Center.

FAQsThe Frequently Asked Questions offers general information on LTC Trend Tracker including membership requirements, how to register, what types of reports are available and technical guidance. Click here to access the FAQs.

Webinars: AHCA/NCAL offers monthly webinars on LTC Trend Tracker, which provide users with Q & A sessions to help providers maximize the use of this tool. Click here to learn about the next webinar.


The Long Term Care Data Cooperative 

Calling All Nursing Homes! Join the LTC Data Cooperative, a nationwide effort to collect resident health records to improve treatment outcomes and be better prepared for public health events in the future.


CMS Data Warehouse lets you interactively analyze CMS datasets in real-time. All datasets are API-enabled, supporting integration with external websites and applications.