Legislative priorities

The Rhode Island Health Care Association advocates for our members and residents at the State House and in Washington.  Each year our priorities may differ depending on what has been introduced. We follow and testify on key pieces of legislation that affect our members and the operation of nursing homes in Rhode Island.  Some years we introduce our own legislative package to make improvements in the long-term care system.

2021 Legislative Agenda

House Bill 5012 (Senate Bill S 0002): Mandates minimum staffing levels and standards for quality care for nursing homes and their residents. This UNFUNDED mandate, if passed this legislation will devastate our industry, for more information visit the KNOW HOMES KNOW Care Site or Contact RIHCA. 

House Bill 5130 (Senate Bill 0001) Gradually increase the minimum wage from eleven dollars and fifty cents ($11.50) per hour to fifteen dollars ($15.00) per hour, over 4 years - RIHCA testified in opposition of this bill. Though higher wagers are necessary for our workers, our homes need funding to support any mandated increase. 
House Bill 5194: Amends the interstate nurse licensure compact and adopts an enhanced, more comprehensive version of the compact, allowing nurses to hold a multi-state license which would allow them to practice across state lines without having to obtain multiple licenses . A bill very much needed due to workforce shortages in our state, directly affecting out members. RIHCA testified in favor of this bill, bill held for further study. 
House Bill 5559: Removes the "intentional" element in the definition of "abuse" and "neglect" in the abuse in health care facilities' law..: RIHCA testified in opposition of this billHouse Committee recommended for further study.
House Bill 5561 (Senate Bill 0112): Allows for the use of electronic monitoring of a resident’s room or private living unit within a nursing home or assisted living facility.  -RIHCA testified in opposition of this bill, , House Committee recommended for further study.  RIHCA testified in opposition of this bill due to privacy risks and hackers. 
House Bill 5792 (Senate Bill 793): Requires the executive office of health and human services to adjust the per diem reimbursement rate to nursing facilities every 3 years; and provides that any time state minimum wage is increased, the reimbursement rate increases by the same percentage. RIHCA is very much in favor of this bill as it reinstates the method in which our members should be paid, but are not.