Advocacy Center

RIHCA is proud to announce our new Partnership with Voter Voice for all things Advocacy!  

Here are some key facts to use when you are speaking to legislators on behalf of your facility and all long-term care in Rhode Island:

Rhode Island nursing homes...

  • Are entrusted to care for more than 7,500 Rhode Islanders each day,  and serving more than 18,000 individuals annually
  • Employ more than 8,000 caregivers and support staff
  • Care for our most frail and vulnerable citizens
  • Rhode Island's Nursing homes support an estimated $1.84 Billion to the state's economic activity

Since 2012, nursing home costs have risen by 25.4% while reimbursement rates have only risen by 10.4%.

Rhode Island is one of the top states for largest percentage of residents over the age of 85.