Hosting your legislator

A facility tour is one of the best ways to get our message across.  Your local Senator and Representative get to meet with their constituents and get to see in person all the good work we do every day.

 How to set up a visit…..

Contacting your legislators

  • Contact your State Representative and/or Senator by telephone.  Depending on their position, you may get an aide that will schedule the event on their behalf.
  • Explain your plan for the meeting.  Many facilities are successful in hosting a legislative breakfast, offering coffee and pastries. Explain how this is a wonderful opportunity for them to meet with their constituents including staff, residents and family members.

Planning the event

  • Contact the RIHCA Office.  A member of RIHCA will be happy to assist in setting up and attending your meeting.
  • Schedule approximately one hour for the meeting and tour.
  • Involve residents, staff and family members. 
  • Prior to the event, invite residents, staff, and family members to attend. Post on your website and social meeting page. 
  • Arrange for some time for yourself, a member of RIHCA and senior staff to sit down with the legislator in private to discuss the needs of nursing homes in Rhode Island.
  • Meet with staff prior to the meeting to gauge their level of comfort discussing their day-to-day tasks and the care they provide with the legislator.

Conducting the Meeting/Tour

  • Center leadership should manage tour
  • Provide a brief background of your facility, the number of residents, employees, Medicaid patients, financial burdens and struggles.
  • RIHCA will help you with talking points on current statewide or legislative issues
  • Introduce the legislator to individual residents, employees and families. 
  • Take photos for your own use, the RIHCA website, and the legislator
  • End on a positive note by thanking the legislator for their time and asking if there is any additional information they would like to have.

Post Visit Follow Up

  • Send a thank you letter the day following the event, with details of the tour and meeting.  
  • Post pictures of the event on social media and your facility’s website.
  • Email copies of any photos to the legislator
  • Share photos/feedback from the meeting with the RIHCA Office