Legislative & Advocacy

The Rhode Island Health Care Association advocates for our members and residents at the State House and in Washington.  We follow and testify on key pieces of legislation that affect our members and the operation of nursing homes in Rhode Island.  Some years we introduce our own legislative package to make improvements in the long-term care system.

What can you do to help?

If you are one of our member facilities, you can invite your local senators and representatives to tour your home and meet with your residents and staff.  Let RIHCA know when you set up a meeting and one of our staff will be happy to attend.  For key facts and talking points click here:

If you are a staff member or family member, we may periodically ask you to reach out to your local legislators and advocate on behalf of good long-term care in Rhode Island.  We might ask you to make a phone call or send a post card.  Please consider speaking up on behalf of yourself, a loved one, or your facility.

What are the issues?

Each legislative session is different.  RIHCA advocates for increased Medicaid funding each year.  We also work for bills that provide better care for our residents without creating financial hardships for our members.

The legislative session runs from January to June each year.  Please check back periodically during the legislative season for updates on issues that are of major interest to RIHCA and information on how you can help speak in favor of bills we support or in opposition to bills that would harm the operation and quality of our facilities.