The care of 22,000 nursing home residents is in jeopardy.

Dear Fellow Rhode Islanders:

We regret to inform you that if H-5012 and S-0002 are passed in this legislative session, our businesses will no longer be sustainable and many nursing homes will be forced to close. This means bankruptcy for many in the industry. We employ more than 10,000 hard-working Rhode Islanders and care for 22,000 frail elderly residents each year.

This legislation will impose unfunded staffing mandates on our industry. It will cause a significant number of employees to lose the jobs they love. Our frail elderly residents could lose their homes and access to the high-quality, compassionate care we provide in the state.

As things stand, we are grossly underfunded by the Rhode Island Medicaid program. The UHIP disaster has not yet been resolved. The chaos with MTM (transportation for the elderly) is ongoing. Now, this legislation is poised to add further unfunded mandates. In addition, it restricts our ability to run our facilities for the best benefit of our residents. This legislation will make Rhode Island an outlier compared to the nation as a whole.

This is BAD legislation. We are asking for your help – please write or call your state senator, representative and Governor Raimondo. Tell them you want to save what we have. Tell them your frail and elderly family members need care. Tell them you care. Don’t turn your backs on our 10,000 hard-working employees and the 22,000 frail elderly residents who depend on them.

Rhode Island Health Care Association


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